Precisely when He means to

It is so easy to be full of joy when everything around you seems to be going in the right direction. But when everything seems to come to a sudden stop you tend to get jarred.
God has really been trying to teach me to step out in faith in those unnerving moments. There is a beautiful thing that happens when you take a breath and let God take over. He turns everything into a blessing.
I struggle with the battle of always. Always trusting, always believing, always stepping out in faith, etc. Throughout everyday there are moments where my armor seems weak. The most amazing thing has been happening in those moments though. At my weakest point God has shown Himself to me.
This quote is exactly what God has been telling me about Himself; “A wizard never arrives late nor early. He arrives precisely when he means to.” – Gandalf in “Lord of the Rings”. I know, God is not a wizard. But let me put it this way; “God never arrives late nor early. He arrives precisely when He means to.”
How encouraging is that? He knows when we need Him the most. Over the last few weeks He has arrived at the exact moment that I needed Him.
I had been praying about doing another fund-raiser to help raise support but I was out of ideas. I was trying to do it all myself. Then someone told me that sometimes you can’t hold on so tight. So I let go… The next thing I knew my father brought up the idea of doing a “Krispy Kreme” fund-raiser. The only way to do that was to get 50 dozen donuts. Where on earth was I going to be able to sell that many donuts? Well it just happened that “Elevate” was doing a two night showcase that weekend. But there was a problem, I had to be working at another dance show that Friday. I went ahead and asked Mrs. Sherri if it would be alright to come and sell the donuts as a concession/fund-raiser. She said yes. I kept praying. Then one of my friends offered to help sell them on Friday night. Everything was coming together.Saturday and I still had over 35 dozen left with one more night to sell.
While trying to find a place to park I was stressed because I didn’t have any money to pay for parking. As I was waiting, a car pulled up beside me and told me to roll my window down. I did so not knowing what to expect. He asked if I was looking for a parking spot and I told him yes, He then gave me a ticket saying that I could use the one that he had paid for until 10 pm. I thanked God for that small blessing.
The Elevate show was beautiful and touched my heart. I raised over $140. Afterwards my car would not start. Again I became frustrated. We tried jumping it over and over again but nothing would working. Two hours later a man came along who wanted to help. Apparently when he was dating his wife she had the same car and he knew the engine very well. We finally found out the alternator belt was gone which is why it wasn’t starting for more than 5 seconds. We rolled my car to a safe parking lot and went home. The next day we where able to get the part fixed and get the car running, thank God!
Now I find myself over and over again being reminded to trust in God and wait for His perfect timing.
There are many things that still have to be done in preparation for leaving. The main thing that I would like to ask for pray about is that there has been some complications with the process of my visa. I know that God will arrive precisely when He needs to.


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